The Complex Fluid and Multiphase Transport Laboratory at Drexel University is dedicated to the research of transport processes in multiphase systems with fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, phase change, and pattern formation for energy, materials processing, and biological systems.

Materials printing system: An environmentally controlled MicroFab inkjet printing system; a Trident PixelJet 64 industrial printing system (donated by Trident)

Fluorescence microscope and imaging system: Zeiss AxioObserver A1 inverted microscope, motorized XY stage, Sony XCL-5005CR video camera, Edgertronic CMOS camera, Sensicam Qe CCD camera, and software and accessories.

Complex fluid characterization: Brookfield rheometer, KSV Sigma tensiometer, custom built dip coater, goniometer and total internal reflection microscopy

Compuational lab: Numerous state-of-the-art workstations including multi-GPU  and Linux clusters. Access to the Texas Advanced Computing Center, San Diego Supercomputing Center, and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Others: Harrick Harrick Plasma plasma cleaner, Orion pH/mV/temperature/ion meter, delay generator, lock-in amplifier, source meter, four-point probe, data acquisition systems, temperature controllers, sonicator and ultrasonicator, vacuum pumps, hot plates, chillers, centrifuges, relative humidity sensors, dessicators, tuned damped optical tables and digital balances.